Welcome to a modern-day art movement that re-envisions the salons of the past with a curator's sensibility and an ever-changing location.

Stettie Ruth is a roving, multi-media pop-up event utilizing unique non-gallery spaces and varying formats to showcase original art.  The events are a stimulus for attendees to purchase original art and support emerging and established artists, but also a reinvigoration of the way we interact with the arts.  This dynamic gathering is designed for participants to experience art in living environments, where life happens and ideas flow. Stettie Ruth events feature interdisciplinary presentations, performances, and unusual, yet compelling art installations.

Stettie Ruth is named for two American women who, in the early turn of the century, hosted their own salons in New York. Florine Stettheimer, an artist, and one of three sisters known as "The Stetties", privileged to live a life of leisure, yet compelled to engage in artistic work and diverse, worldly circles is one of the muses for this movement. The other, Ruth Logan Roberts, a suffragette and activist during the Harlem Renaissance, hosted salons that centered around politics, community service and the arts.

Stettie Ruth honors the contributions of all women historically, who led the way to open discourse, active engagement and the celebration of art in every day life. 



Born out of Stettie Ruth, ECHO ARTS is an Arts Advising Agency based out of Bozeman, Montana designed to streamline the process of selecting, acquiring and placing exceptional original artwork, by connecting unique artists to discerning buyers and industry professionals.

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