the Art of Slow

Stettie Ruth is about remembering what it meant to consider, to gaze, to reflect. To take great care and time in the daily effort of being human. Before fast, easy consumerism of goods and information allowed us every creature comfort, but somehow made us uncomfortable and needing more. Before our every minute was hijacked for efficiency. Stettie Ruth is about slowing down our experiences. Honoring those that are creating from a certain depth of human experience and re-finding our collective soul.

Phillip Baribeau. Owner Implement Productions

Phillip Baribeau. Owner Implement Productions

Phillip Baribeau

A well done visual story is immersive. The viewer does not separate the individual parts, but rather, finds themselves merging one’s own reality with the storyteller’s universal truths. Phill has that inner eye that is critical to a storyteller’s truth.

…To be behind the camera, filming, directing- a certain visual acumen, courage, even, is required as well. Phill has that in spades.

The breadth of the natural world and all its rugged splendor becomes a character in and of itself in his work, engaging with the other characters in show-stealing glory or, as a constant companion through a long soulful journey.

Jim Madden and Dede Taylor. Founders Mountain Time Arts

Jim Madden and Dede Taylor. Founders Mountain Time Arts

Jim Madden, Dede Taylor

There are people who dream of a different reality, people who hope for a different reality, and then, there are people who create a different reality. Dede and Jim are part of an incredible group of people who decided that it is not enough to just visualize the way art can impact a community, not enough to just hear about differing viewpoints, and certainly not enough to just talk about our human relationship with the environment…

But, as a direct, thorough investigation of all of those pieces, it is only enough to act upon them. A 501-c3, aptly named Mountain Time Arts (MTA), was then created to engage the public in transforming their reality. As a platform for ongoing public arts projects that enliven our relationships to the history, culture and environment of the Rocky Mountain West, MTA has produced exceptional pieces of art that slow our personal realities just enough to realize much grander social realities at work on this beautiful landscape we call home.

If you haven’t been to a Waterworks project, check out the incredible video recaps on their website below and support their efforts to bring public art projects to our community.

Jason Wickens. Co-Founder and Producer Live From the Divide

Jason Wickens. Co-Founder and Producer Live From the Divide

Jason Wickens

The intimacy of listening to a songwriter in a room, a room that you could hop across without getting winded… a room that squeaks like your grandmother’s house when you try and creep down the stairs… a room that immediately makes you feel like you’ve made 49 friends and seen something special- That’s what Live From the Divide creates. Intimate listenership.

Jason wanted to recreate the feeling of a campfire, an open night sky, and an artist speaking their story. As a singer-songwriter himself, he found the beauty in the slow transcription of something shared in close quarters, among few.

If you haven’t seen a show at Live From the Divide, go.